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If you are in need of your
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for the Astronomer in us all!
We are very proud to be a member of the
StarTalk Radio Show network featuring
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Below is a
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Thanks to everyone that joined us
today as we looked at the Sun.
Incredbile views and information
gave visitors a better
understanding of our life
sustaining Star.
A proud month for SCAS as winners in the Astronomical Picture of
the Year competition were determined as well as members being
recognized for their efforts in Educational Public Outreach by the
Night Sky Network and NASA.  Thanks to all SCAS members for the
hard work they put in to help bring astronomy to our communities.
The Solar Gaze scheduled for today
(Saturday Feb 28th) has been cancelled due
to the snow and cold weather.  If this event is
rescheduled we'll get that information posted.