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SCAS 2014 Promo
M42-Orion Nebula photo (3/16/2014) was taken with
my Canon EOS 60Da camera through my 6-inch f8
refractor and a 2x Barlow lens.
ISO was 6400 and shutter speed 30 seconds.
Converted from RAW to TIFF with Adobe Lightspeed
Second shot is of M104 taken on the 28th. 15 light
frames at ISO 1600 for 110 seconds and 11 frames
at ISO800 for 114 seconds and 10 dark’s . Processed
with DSS,Cs6 and PP.
Our March 2014 Astronomical Picture of the Month winners are:
Dave Furry in the Beginner Category and Tom Northup in the
Advanced Category.  Congratulations to both.  If you wish to
see more work by Dave, Tom and other SCAS members visit
Members Gallery
Dave Furry
Tom Northup